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The Elizabethan pet collar, also known as an E-collar or cone, is a protective device worn by pets to prevent them from biting, licking or scratching themselves during the healing process of injuries or after undergoing surgeries. It is named after the Elizabethan era, which was known for its fashion and elaborate clothing accessories.

The Elizabethan pet collar is typically made of plastic or hard fabric and is cone-shaped, with a wide base that fits snugly around the pet’s neck and a narrower top that extends outwards and upwards. The collar is usually held in place by a strap or a series of loops that attach to the pet’s collar or harness. The shape of the collar helps to prevent the pet from reaching its body with its mouth or paws.

Although the Elizabethan pet collar can be uncomfortable for pets to wear, it is an essential tool in ensuring that they heal properly and avoid further complications. Pet owners should ensure that the collar fits correctly and is not too tight, as this can cause discomfort or restrict the pet’s breathing or eating. With proper care and use, the Elizabethan pet collar can help pets to recover quickly and safely.

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