Brand name:oem


Weight:200 g

Styles:Splicing and stretch

Material:PP+TPR+Stainless Steel

Broomstick Materia: Stainless steel

Broom Head Materia:PP


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Introducing our Manufacturer Floor Scraper Dust Collector, a versatile and innovative cleaning tool designed to simplify your floor cleaning routine. This multifunctional tool combines a floor scraper, dust collector, hair remover, and feather cleaner in one convenient device. With its unique design and high-quality silicone bristles, it’s a magic sweep broom that revolutionizes the way you clean.

The floor scraper features a durable and sturdy construction, allowing you to effectively remove stubborn dirt, grime, and debris from various floor surfaces. The sharp edge efficiently scrapes away tough stains, while the wide design covers a larger area, saving you time and effort.

The dust collector attachment is designed to trap and collect dust particles, preventing them from spreading into the air and minimizing allergens. Its high-capacity storage compartment ensures that you can clean large areas without constantly emptying the collector.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 7 × 8 × 19 cm



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